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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

christmas at home



more grazing

afternoon thundershowers

here the rain comes

view from garden at home

gold after the rainstorm

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Time to leave...

Sunday morning swimming!


Jordan and Kallie!

Kallie and Hannah - That's the war ship form Master and Commander behind them.. And a Russian Sub behind it - Brandon and I got to explore both - fun!!


All of us!

Brandon and Hannah

A cool pyramid

Another one...

S - for ASU

Beach - a bit overcast

Luigies in San Diego. That pizza is huge! - 30" There is a competition at the restaurant: 2 peole finish the pizza in an hour, its free. Nobody has ever done it - I was full on 2 slices!

Sonic burgers for lunch

Brandon and I in bed - haha

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Well, we drove straight through the night from Las Vegas back to Phoenix. We arrived back here at around 5am and slept till the late afternoon. A huge, busy week well worth it! Thanks guys.. I really enjoyed seeing the places but enjoyed getting to know everyone even better.

The Venician...

Me and Drew...

The music fountains outside the Belagio. Stunning!

The Las Vegas pictures didn't come out to well but this is in the main street of all the Casino's. I was overwhelmed by the number of amazing casino's everywhere. I felt like I was in Ocean's 11. Too bad its illegal to gamble until you're over 21 or I would have tried a hand of poker just to say I had....

Brandon and the dog. His only friend whilst being interrogated by Hannah's parents.. Reminds me of Remmy..

Hannahs Parents house...

Americans have this to an art... Drew studying hard in the back....

Good bye Nevada - Las Vegas here we come....

Hannah & Brandon on the top...

Brandon aka Coolio is talking on the phone whilst skiing - what a show off!

Well, after a comfy night at Hannah's parents house in Reno it was time for skiing on the mountains of Lake Taho. Behind me is the lake. My skiing is getting better - I think i'm getting the "pizza" and "frenchfry" motion right!



The troupers - Drew must have been freezing!

Brandon and I threatened to go swimming in the lake but once I put my big toe in and found that it went blue instantly, i reconsidered.....

Lake Taho on the border of California and Nevada. The icy mountains that surround the lake provide an endless supply of water to one of the deepest lakes in the world. The continous motion prevents the water from freezing. Definitely one of the most stunning sights I've seen..

How big is this pizza? 5 of us couldn't finish it - we had 3 slices left...

packing the car once again!

The San Fran house.

Hannah's granparents house to the right. Nice green, hilly neighborhood... reminds me of england..

Yet another tongue picture... i managed to get a chopstick down Brandon's mouth a couple of times beforfe this shot...

Chopstick fighting!


China town! Real cool hats!