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Monday, February 21, 2005

Weekend bliss

Another fairly busy week ended in a quiet weekend around campus. Friday night was spent watching movies, eating food, and sleeping. Saturday flew by with a few raquetball games in between, which was rather fun. Brandon is a great teacher! Then it was off to Oregono's Pizza for dinner where I was introduced to Pizukki?? (spelling?!? but it is a raw type of cookie dough with ice-cream.. yum!

Then it was back to the dorm to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (was rather nice to hear some British accents again) But the best movie of the weekend was "the man who knew to little". Thanks Jordan for introducing me to it. Great music, good plot and humor.. and finally to top the night off with the worst movie, that I had already seen, America's Sweethearts(sorry this is wrong) the movie was actually "the sweetest thing" with Cameron Diaz... "no comment" but all the guys agree that Kallie chose the worst movie.. haha... Thanks Kallie!

Sunday flew by with tons of homework being done.. The afternoon was spent rock climbing with the guys. Jordan, Adam and Brandon are all pros so I have to admit that this is an area where I need some practice. The indoor rock gym was great and they had all kinds of levels but Brandon claims that outdoor climbing is far better - Tom Cruise style in MI2... so when this Phoenix rain disappears we'll be heading out to the mountains... Stuffing ourselves with burgers and milkshakes from Fatburger that evening (a retro burger place on Mill Ave) we ended the weekend with class.

Another weekend gone by... 3 weeks till spring break!

The ASU Sun Devils being patriotic...  Posted by Hello

A birds eye view of some of the ASU campus. The bottom right is our residence. "A" mountain at the back, which gets painted different colors depending on the season. The building on the left is Gammage theatre. The Lion King is currently showing. Funny how simple a birds eye picture makes things look.  Posted by Hello

Jack Johnson

Having just found out that Jack Johnson is releasing a new cd - "in between dreams" on the 1st March, I feel it is my duty as a fan to pay a tribute to him. Here is his brief biography. Look out for classic songs like Taylor, On and on, Flake and Sexi Plexi.....Thats it for now...

Jack Hody Johnson was born in 1975, near Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Being the son to a famous surfer throughout the islands Jeff Johnson naturally led to an interest in surfing at a young age, having practically learned to surf as he learned to walk, the man has grown up on his board. He eventually became a champion surfer who scored a sponsorship with Quicksilver and who seemed to be heading towards the professional route.

Jack began surfing the universally revered and feared Pipeline at age 10. By 17, he made the finals at the Pipe trials, becoming the youngest invitee ever to do so at the world's most prestigious surfing event. Unfortunately, Jack suffered a near death experience at age 17 after crashing his body into the reef during the Pipeline Masters.

While recovering, he pursued his interest in filmmaking and soon became a surf film director, photographer, producer and score composer. Though he received much praise for his surf cinema documentary, Thicker Than Water (1999) and also a follow-up surf flick called The September Sessions (2000) which won The Surfer Magazine Poll award for best film of the year.

Jack Johnson also began writing songs during his college years, having played the guitar since 14 and being brought up with influences such as Nick Drake, Ben Harper, the Beatles, Bob Marley, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and A Tribe Called Quest.

One day G. Love was introduced to Jack for a day of surfing and ended up recording Jack’s song “Rodeo Clowns” for his last album Philadelphonic. It became the first single from the album and Jack sang and played on the track.

His four-track demo caught the ears of Ben Harper's producer and right hand man, J.P. Plunier, who worked with Jack on his debut album Brushfire Fairytales in early 2001 with Harper and his lap steel guitar making a guest appearance.

Jack Johnson's newst cd, On And On was produced by Mario Caldato Jr. It was recorded in his native island of Hawaii, carrying the same carefree aloha spirit that graces his debut album and showing that rock stardom has yet to change this wave-riding island boy. On And On also features the same line up from his debut with Adam Topol on drums/percussion, Merlo Podlewski on bass, and none other than Jack Johnson on vocals and guitar.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Help in Africa

Howard Buffett, the son of Warren Buffet - one of the richest men in america - spoke to the ASU Business School today. Howard challenged each student that is thinking about a million dollar paycheck to remember about the people and countries in the world that are without. No man is worth $50 million dollars, yet top CEO's in america are earning even more than that. Howard, who spends up to 3 months in South Africa a year, reminded me about the real issues that we manage to ignore. The figures are unremittingly stark. 25 million people in Africa are infected with AIDS. 11 million children have lost at least one parent to AIDS and that number is likely to rise to 20 million by the end of the decade a report by the U.N. Children's Fund. I just ask that we remember about the "real" issues that the world is facing.... go to www.helpinghandsinafrica.org for more info...
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Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Day Special...

Happy Valentines Day! Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

A pronounciation lesson!

Today's special lesson is how to pronounce a special word that Hannah thinks is important. I have been corrected about how her home state is pronounced.... SO everyone - here we go.

Na (naaaaawwwww) Pay special attention to making the A sound like awwwww
Va (vaaaaaaa)
Thats it, you've got it!

Thanks Hannah for that kind correction. Posted by Hello


My first review..(Don't worry, I will not include any spoilers for those who haven't seen it.) I saw Hitch on friday night and I have to admit that I haven't laughed so much since Ace Ventura hit the scene. From the director of Sweet Home Alabama and with actors like Will Smith and the guy from King of Queens, how could it go wrong? With a fairly descent plot line, Will Smith, with the help of the Queens guy, managed to take me on a fun roalercoaster of giggles, laughs and moments of pure tears... I'm a sucker for classy romantic comedies!

CNN reported:Will Smith's 'Hitch' tops box office Romantic comedy takes in $45M in opening weekend; Sony flix also hold spots 2 and 3.February 13, 2005: 4:45 PM EST
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Will Smith spread the love at the weekend box office in North America as "Hitch" hiked to the No. 1 slot with a record opening for a romantic comedy, according to studio estimates issued Sunday.

Add coments about the movie...
Check out the preview at www.apple.com/trailers.Posted by Hello

Roadtrip to Tuscon

After a tough week of study the guys decided they wanted to go to Tuscon. Most had never been, so I, the South African got to show them part of America.. Well, the first place to go was "Trail Dust Town" where cowboys still roam and meat is the only diet. After an hours drive found ourselves in the crazily populated cowboy town. An hours wait fo a table gave us the chance to have a good look around and witness a live performance of a gun shootout. After the anticipating wait, the meat went down fairly fast!

Next it was a short stop at our rival enemy"The University of Arizona". Brandons idea was to steal something off campus but we couldn't find anything worth taking. Drew had a friend who lived on campus, so we stopped by to say hi and to compare living situations. We came to the conclusion that we had the better place but that's coming from ASU students..... Posted by Hello

At about 11.30 we headed back to Phoenix. Another road trip - sadly - over.....

The tie graveyard! Posted by Hello

Nice one Katie!! That meat didn't see you coming! Posted by Hello

Ribs!!! Posted by Hello

The last supper.  Posted by Hello

The Colorado boy....... Posted by Hello

Awww, who's the cute milk man Posted by Hello

Don't worry, prison in america has free food.. Posted by Hello

I see a big big steak.. Posted by Hello

Me in a teepee.  Posted by Hello

Brandon and Hannah's new tounge picture... I think there are going to be quite a few of these. That makes 2. Posted by Hello

Meeting a real live Indian was fun, especially when he let me touch his arm.. Posted by Hello

Arriving at Trail Dust Town was fun, especially when Brandon stood on the cactus after just warning me not to sit on it.  Posted by Hello

The trip to Tuscon. Brandon's faithful Toyota Cruiser. Katie, Drew and Hannah at the back. The cool guys, Brandon and I, at the front. . We all squished into a 5 seater which was rather fun as 3 of us are over 6 ft 2. Posted by Hello

Jordan looking really cool at this moment, at least he could get a "ski pose" for the camera..but the snow on his leg reveals the true story... Posted by Hello

I've conqered the ski lift, now for the fall! The ledge directly behind me is where we went down. About 2 seconds after starting, Jordan and I were on our bums, with no skis on. The funny part of the story is that we mixed our skis up in the fall, and I spent about 30 mins trying to get on a ski that actually couldn't fit. I felt like a baby trying to learn to walk again... Posted by Hello

Something about my skiing just doesn't look right.? Wobly knees are not a formulae for success.. At least my legs are forming the "pizza". I nearly killed at least 2 people with my poles that I sometimes would forget about... Posted by Hello

Great view! Can you believe that this is 2 hours drive from Phoenix (a desert!) This lift took us as high as the clouds. If you look carefully, you can see I've lost one of my ski's in battle. Fortunately a guy behind me grabbed it and I retrieved it at the top. The ski didn't help much anyways, seeing as I managed to make it fly off my foot every 5 seconds..... Posted by Hello

Brandon & Hannah, two of my new friends. Brandon is from Colorado Springs and Hannah from somewhere in Navada. They are really great at skiing and after teaching me the "pizza", they conveniently left Jordan and I to ski(fall) down the mountains... Thanks guys! Posted by Hello