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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Well, this is a bit late fore a birthday post buu here are some pictures posted by Stephen & Kathleen: http://pictures.milldrum.com/html/dustin_s_birthday.html>
I had a great weekend, all my friends spoiled me and helped me get through my quarter life crisis... Thanks guys!

Friday, March 04, 2005

A great sunset to end the day off! Too bad the camera doesn't pick up the mountains...  Posted by Hello

Oooh, a Piranah jumped out from behind a tree and bit Brandon's toe... If only this was true... I was skillfuly dodging his attack, running up the mountainside. I think he was chasing me beacuase I threw a rock at him??!! American's get angry quite easy.. well he had a close encounter with a rock and his toe paid the price... Posted by Hello

The next toungue pic - that makes 3! Posted by Hello

Enough is enough... it's time for my beauty sleep! Posted by Hello

Jordan taking a tan, the brownest of us all.. Posted by Hello

Frozen in motion Posted by Hello

Another 3 times for us brave guys... Posted by Hello

The girls turn! Wow, you can see their fear, at least I peed in the water to make it a bit warmer... Posted by Hello

Shaking.. brrrrr.... Posted by Hello

What a hunk! Posted by Hello

A wound from the flesh eating rocks that dwell beneath the water... Posted by Hello

The waterhole! this was the last moment I had feeling in my lower areas... the water was freeeeezing! Posted by Hello

A nice excuse to be physical with Brandon.  Posted by Hello

Kallie leaning against a cactus, apparently it's something only americans can do... south africans take their shoes off...  Posted by Hello

the water is just in between the mountains... a quick pose, wow - what a hunk! Posted by Hello

Getting closer.... Posted by Hello

A long way to go..  Posted by Hello

I begged for a ride - but no, I had to risk my life and get my feet wet. Life sucks! Posted by Hello

This is how Americans hike..Brandon has to carry Jordan and Kallie across the dangerous river - our hero!! Posted by Hello

Looks almost like Frodo walking to Mordor - right?? Posted by Hello


Last weekend was of they type where one doesn't plan much but it turns out great anyway.. It had been raining for the last couple of weeks prior to last weekend but clear sky's eventually hit and Phoenix was back to its usual self. Brandon had a friend come up from Colorado so he spent some time showing him around ASU. Friday afternoon was spent driving around phoenix in Jordan's convertible - yay for Jordan - looking at possible houses for next semester. Could be fun if we can find a descent house near campus. We then did the continued out usual tradition and hired out some movies. Donnie Darko, Eurotrip and Anchorman created the spectacular line-up. We didn't make it through all of them but Donny Darko was excellent. Jake Gyllenhaal apparently has the new Superman Role.. Watch out fat those weird bunnies that speak to you! At 2am it was off to the 24/7 IHOP (International House of Pancakes) across the road for a postmidnight snack and coffee.. Can you believe I've never had an icecream sandwich (ice cream between two cookies) Yummm!

Saturday was supposed to be spent at the adult Olympics doing some community service work but ended up not being needed... so instead I finished my Human Event essay on why Genesis proves that males and females are equal - quite tough finding evidence for women :) Well enough babble...

Sunday, we decided to go for a hike near some waterholes. So after a short drive towards the mountains and stuffing ourselves with Sonic, we arrived at the beginning of the trail... I guess the pictures speak for themselves!

Its been a week of finishing assignments, writing mid-terms and heavy racquetball - boy, life can be tough! I will beat you Brandon, one day, bah... my south African skills are still suffering from jetlag....

Well... one week till Spring break! California here we come..........

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jimmy Eat World

A claim to fame from one of the suburbs (Mesa) of Phoenix, right next to ASU is the successful International Band - Jimmy Eat world. It's amazing how popular this band is in South Africa.. Here's a brief Biography..

The road to success is not an easy one—but some handle its hurdles better than others. In 2001 Jimmy Eat World was a widely adored but criminally underappreciated band capable of drawing capacity crowds all over the world, but unable to find a record if deal to their liking. Having just been unceremoniously spit out of the major label machinery, the band opted to record a new album entirely on its own dime and let labels come a-calling—or not—after the fact. The gambit more than paid off, with the resultant Bleed American (later re-titled Jimmy Eat World), yielding the hits "The Middle" and "Sweetness," and ultimately selling over 1.3 million copies in the U.S.

Not bad for a little band from Mesa, Arizona. But then came the problem once all your rock dreams come true, what do you do for an encore?

Adkins credits the band's home state for providing them with enough inspiration to finish the record. "It's a grounding force for us, living here (Phoenix)," says the singer. "The music scene consists of people who care about satisfying themselves through their creative ambitions, and not trying to be anything more than that.